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All content in The Daily Mull that is attributed to Virginia is copyrighted by Virginia Watts. All content in The Daily Mull that is not previously copyrighted by someone else is copyrighted by Ken Watts. We reserve all rights.

You may use short quotes (according to standard fair use) if you cite The Daily Mull in context, including either the web address ( in the case of print media), or a clear link to the article in question in the case of online media.

You may also print out hard copies of any single page for your own use or for educational purposes (again, according to fair use). You have our permission to make copies of any single page for educational use within fair use parameters, but we would really like you to shoot us an email to let us know, because we like knowing people find us useful.

If you wish to use the content in any other way, contact us first, using the Permissions category. Don't be afraid to do that. We mostly say yes, but we need to keep track, and avoid use without permission.