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Submitted by Virginia Watts on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 15:26

The air outside was already too warm when the sun came up. August in the San Fernando Valley can be that way. The kitty was quiet in his fully-supplied and comfortable holding room (one of our bathrooms) and I thought I might be able to dress quietly and leave the house before he started his very loud requests for breakfast. But it wasn't to be. So I prepared myself with a scoop of cat food, and cautiously opened the door. He started to come into the hall, but when he realized I had food in my hand, he was happy to let me fill his bowl so he could eat. And I quickly left the room and closed the door. He'd be happy enough in there for another hour, and I could rush to meet my husband for my own breakfast.

He was a foundling kitty -- one that was either feral or a stray. Or one that had been abandoned. He likes to be around people, so we are guessing it's the latter. He's been 'fixed' and once the protective cone could be removed from his neck, he set about cleaning himself. When we got him we thought he would need a bath by a professional groomer, but we needn't have worried  He has done a thorough job of that himGinger catself. Surprising! 


We needed to get him used to going outdoors again, because although we love cats and especially this one, we both have allergies and can't have him in the house all day and all night. I know that some pet owners would call that foolish -- to adopt a cat and not want it to live in the house. But we've had cats over the course of our lives together, and they have been very happy in the yard with occasional visits into the house, especially if the weather is wet and cold. And this one is used to being outdoors.

Today was his first day out after being cloistered for a week, and he was not at all sure that was a good idea. He roundly complained, but I made sure he had plenty of water, and was happy to see that he was able to scare off a local cat that thought our yard belonged to him. 

In the process of making a place for him in the backyard, I came across an odd shoe. Now who would leave such a thing in my backyard? Had Cinderella run through on her way home from the palace? I doubted it. How unexpected!

Well, to be truthful, the size of the shoe did give me a broad clue as to its original owner. 

Tiny shoe

Do you think it belongs to another foundling? Will I find a tiny Thumbelina has come to stay in our fairy garden?

I'll have to make sure to introduce her to the cat.