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Going to Seed

Submitted by Virginia Watts on Sun, 03/19/2017 - 18:29

It is that time of year when there are big changes coming. Some things are replanting themselves without much fanfare. Some are spectacular -- and they may be where you least expect to find them. 



There is energy in every aspect of disintegration and rebirth. So much light reflected in this one seed about to be carried by the wind. We saw one of these artichoke seeds resting on the lawn before it took off on its journey. Tempted to place it where we wanted it to grow, we resisted. And yes, I mean we. There were three of us who could  have gotten up from our chairs and placed this amazing tiny explosion anywhere in the garden that was more convenient for  us. 

But being too happy where we sat, we let it be. And then suddenly it was gone. Where?

Do you think it cared where it landed? I think it was soaring in a kind of bliss that we don't experience often as sedentary humans. Did it care about its destiny? I think it was happy to be flying. Remember flying?

The possibilities of it landing somewhere hospitable are dicey. But it was on its way. The journey was the thing. It would land somewhere and struggle or thrive. For this little flying possibility that does not matter. 

It may fly for days, here and there, this  yard and that. Will it land where it can grow or will it land on asphalt? Even if it lands in the most unhappy, unlikely place, will it be washed into a culvert and eventually be embedded in a roadside bank? It could flourish, even then.

Remember that life has a purpose we cannot know. We cannot control it. It flows thorugh us and around us. We can blow the fuzzy dandelion head and make wishes and the seeds could change everything. 

It may be we fall on hard ground, but spring is at hand with all its assists and encouragements. Soft winds blow, sun shines, rain falls. 

Let it be. Let us be. We are. And we will survive.