Submitted by Virginia Watts on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 18:09

No Digging for Worms         

Earthworms have their own business, and it is holy.
They are lacing through debris, making it clean.
If you see them when you are turning the earth to plant a bulb
or root out a weed, let them return to their dark home.

They bristle their way through their loamy world
 with tiny hairs all along their body, bringing air to the soil.

The mystery of their own breathing is in the slime that coats them. 

In the night, above the ground, under the moon, or under the stars, or under a thick blanket of cloud,

they find a mate.  Each worm is male and female, complete unto itself. But still they need a mate.

Regeneration is their holy business.  Turning and turning, they revive what has decayed, what is dead to us. 

If you cut them below their head, they can regenerate their bodies, make themselves whole.

Silent movers of the earth, without special status or rank, they dig for themselves, they dig for us.