The Word of the Humans

Submitted by Ken Watts on Thu, 12/21/2006 - 13:51

While t1 could be, and has been, compared to the famous redactor of the Hebrew scriptures, t has a quite different approach. Nowhere in t's work is there a hint of an apologetic for some agenda other than that of the various texts themselves. When t illuminates a theme, it is because the theme is common to the texts it connects .

Francis Duffy
Professor of Civilization Studies, London Colloquium

In those days the word of the humans was the word in their hearts. Man and Woman nurtured each other, and nurtured Baby, and their children grew up strong and loving.


1“t” originally stood for “transition.” It was only realized later that the transitional elements were all—or nearly all—by the same hand, and that it was almost certainly this hand which put the material in its traditional order. This recognition was made more difficult by t’s tendency to mimic, and even combine the styles of the various manuscripts, so that the hints of t’s own style which remain took some time to tease out. –ed.