The Man Who Tamed a Wolf (Frag. 4)

Submitted by Ken Watts on Sat, 01/06/2007 - 16:06

And Woman came to Man and said, "The pup has eaten our meat, the wolf has swallowed our rabbit."

And Man said, "It is not enough that the pup must obey us when we are there to tell it "No." We must learn how to make it obey us when we are not there."

And Woman said, "You must go out again, and see if this is a thing you can learn from the wolves."

So man went out a third time, to watch the wolves.

He watched them for a long, long time, but did not learn anything to help him with this problem.

Then one day he saw a mother wolf, leaving her litter of babies to go hunting. When she walked just a little way, she stopped, and hid in the grass by the side of the path.

And Man said to himself, "I will wait here, and watch, and see why she has stopped."

So Man waited, and watched, and soon a pup came wandering down the path, leaving the safety of the den. And the mother wolf grabbed the pup and dragged it back to the others. Then she went out hunting, and the pup did not follow.

Man went home to Woman, and said, "I have learned a thing from the wolves."

And Woman said, "What have you learned?"

And Man replied. "I have learned that we must make the pup think we are watching it always, and then it will obey us, even when we are gone. I have learned that we must put 'good pup' and 'bad pup' in its mind always, and not let it think that good things and bad things change when we are not here. That way we will control it even when we are not here."

So Woman and Man pretended to go from their house, leaving the pup behind, but hid nearby, and watched the pup. And when it started to do something they had told it not to do, they jumped out, and told it "NO!" and made it submit. And soon the pup obeyed their commands, even when they were gone.

In this way Man and Woman tamed the wolf. In this way they subdued its spirit, and shaped its word.

Some say this was a mistake, that this was the beginning of the trouble. Some say that the wolf was not there to guard Woman and Man's house, or to play with their Baby. Others say that Man and Woman did a wise thing, that they used the ways of the wolf to tame the wolf, and to make it a friend.

This is a hard question. I do not know the answer. I do not know whether they were wise, or whether they were not. I do not know whether it was a mistake. Perhaps this was not the beginning of the trouble.

But this was the first time Woman and Man learned to make their hearts like stone. It was the first time they made things always good and always bad.

This was the first time Man and Woman tasted of the knowledge of good and evil.