The Man Who Tamed a Wolf (Frag. 2)

Submitted by Ken Watts on Tue, 01/02/2007 - 09:46

And Woman said, "If we keep this pup we must find a way to change its word and tame its spirit. We must learn how to control its dangerous ways."

And Man said, "I think you are wise. We will try to do this thing."

So Man and Woman studied the wolf-pup and learned its word. They watched it carefully to discern its spirit. Man stalked wild wolves when he was on the hunt, and studied their ways with their young.

They did this for a very long time.

And one day Man came home to Woman and said to her, "I have learned a thing on my hunt, while watching the wolves."

And Woman said, "What have you learned?"

And Man said, "I have learned that wolves are not like us."

And Woman said, "This has taken you all day?"

And Man laughed, and said, "They do not treat each other as equals, but one rules over them all, and each is below another."

And Woman said, "This is good to know, but will it help us to protect Baby?"

And Man said, "They do not attack those above them."

And Woman said, "If we treat the pup like the wolves above treat the wolves below, then perhaps he will not attack humans."

And Man said, "You have thought hard while I was gone."

And Woman laughed, and they began to act toward the pup in the ways Man had learned from watching the wolves.

They learned to watch for the ways of a below-wolf, when the tip of the pup's tail curled down and forward, when his mouth was closed, when he looked away and did not meet their eyes. They rewarded the pup at these times, petting him and giving him treats, telling him that he was good.

They learned to watch for the ways of an above-wolf, when his tail lifted from its base, when his hackles raised, when he bared his teeth. They learned to grab his nose and turn him on his back, and to wait for him to submit, to grab his throat until he submitted.

This took a long time. But the pup did not attack the baby.

And Man said, "Look at this thing we have done. We have controlled the word of the wolf, we have subdued his spirit."

But one day Woman came to Man, and said, "The wolf-pup does not harm Baby, but he eats our food whenever he wants, and he will not move when he is in our way. He gets bigger every day, and soon we will not be able to control him."

So Man went out a second time, to watch the wolves in their pack.

He watched them for a long time.