The Generations of Humanity

Submitted by Ken Watts on Sat, 12/16/2006 - 12:45

The molecules became more complex, and begat single cells.

The single cells begat bacterium.

The bacterium begat Cyanobacteria, which filled the atmosphere with oxygen, and made it safe for Eukaryotes, for Diplomonads and Microsporida and Euglena, for slime moulds and fungi, for plants and animals.

And the planet became a garden, like the others, in the midst of the wilderness of space and stars, an enclosed place, hospitable to life.

And animals begat creeping things and swimming things, amphibians and reptiles, dinosaurs and birds and mammals and marsupials. And mammals begat rodents and whales and lions and tigers and bears, bison and elk and zebra, hippos and elephants and dolphins, monkeys and apes and hominids.

The many were one, as the voice was one—each depended on the others for its life, each kind played its role in tending and keeping the garden. In each the Voice spoke, each was moved by the Spirit and guided by the Word within.

Hippos behaved as hippos, bison as bison, each playing its part in the dance of life. Whales behaved as whales, for they were the Voice, and the Voice spoke through them.

Slime molds did what slime molds do, and fungi what fungi do; the Voice spoke through them and was them, and they were free. For they acted without coercion, according to their nature, and their nature was the Word and Spirit of the Voice, and together they made a whole.

And the hominids begat other hominids, some of whom walked on two legs, and they were free, like the others. And humans were born, like the others, dancing freely their part in the dance. They danced the Voice, breathed the breath of life, acted the word of life, and were fully themselves.

Now, like the elephants and the dolphins, the humans were doubly blessed, for having made death a part of the dance, the Voice leapt to new heights.

It spoke them in its own image, making them voices, Elohim, on their own. They could speak new realities into being, they could make their own poems, their own songs, their own dances-within-the-dance. They could name their world, and perceive it, in new ways.

This was their nature, as sons and daughters of the Voice.

And so the Story began.