Son-of-Smoke and Wolf Mother

Submitted by Ken Watts on Tue, 01/23/2007 - 10:23

One day, when the world was already old, Son-of-Smoke sought out Wolf Mother at her den. Wolf Mother saw him approaching, and said, "Why do you seek me out, Son-of-Smoke?"

Son-of-Smoke replied, "You are wise, Wolf Mother, wiser than my kind. I come to seek your wisdom, and to learn your ways, so that I may teach them to all humankind."

Wolf Mother laughed at Son-of-Smoke, and said, "You are right to seek my wisdom, for I am indeed wiser than you. I know that every kind has its own ways, and the ways of one are not suited to the ways of another. Do wolves build their dens in the treetops? Do fish hunt mice in the forest?"

But Son-of-Smoke did not give up. He waited until Wolf Mother went out hunting, and then he stole one of her pups. He came back the next day, and found her waiting for him by her den.

"Prepare to die, Son-of-Smoke," she said. "For my nose tells me that it was you who stole my pup."

But Son-of-Smoke said, "I have not harmed your pup. I will return her if you will teach me your ways, and grant me your wisdom."

So Wolf Mother agreed, and taught Son-of-Smoke the ways of her kind.

But when Son-of-Smoke returned the pup, he laughed at Wolf Mother, and said, "You have gained one pup, but lost many, for I now have your wisdom, and understand your ways. I will use this knowledge to steal your children, and they will serve me and my children forever."

When Wolf Mother heard this, she was angry, and uttered a curse:

"Your ways are twisted and coiled like a snake, and you will eat the fruit of your deeds. When you use our ways to enslave my children, they will twist back on you like your own ways, and entangle you in their coils. Your children will become enslaved with mine, and none will be a master."

So it was that Son-of-Smoke tricked Wolf Mother.

So it was that Wolf Mother cursed Son-of-Smoke.