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One at a Time

Submitted by Virginia Watts on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 15:29



                                                                13100864_10209492702137313_7837008241748660563_n (1).jpg


What will you do with this bright day that glares through the south window and makes you open your sleep-sanded eyes?


(You only get one at a time.)


All night the wind tossed the garden, and the dust is giddy with it. See it whirling and sparkling in the light?


Dust to dust.


Make a space, as you must each day that suits you well. If you feel hot and scratchy in this suit, make another.


Cool your skin with shade and scent of blossom.


Gather scattered leaves and petals, knowing absolutely that the effort is futile.


(You only get one at a time.)


Hold them for a moment before the wind sails them off as, of course, it will.