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How to Eliminate the Deficit

The Explanations Begin

IF YOU FOLLOWED the link at the end of my previous post—to look at the Times site, and the way I eliminated the deficit—the first thing you may have noticed was the percentage figures at the top:

73% Savings from tax increases
27% Savings from spending cuts

This is important, because it's a fundamental key to our problems.

We have been seriously misled, over the last thirty years or so, about the nature of freedom, the nature of democratic government, and the way economics work.

Patriot Notes

How to Eliminate the Deficit

SOME TIME AGO, A reader suggested I look at a clever little puzzle on the New York Times site.

It allows you to make your own decisions about getting rid of the federal deficit, and see how they come out.

I went there, and I eliminated the deficit.

You're welcome.

The real point of the exercise, to me, was that it became clearer and clearer as I went through the choices why we are in the mess we're in.

Reality, Spirituality, and Politics in Washington, D.C.

Reality, Spirituality, and Corporate Taxes

THIS POST IS MOSTLY about the correlation of corporate tax rates with growth in household incomes, but I'll begin with a revision of the chart on top income tax rates.

This is meant to address all the constructive criticism which has come my way in the last two days—as some people found the previous chart confusing.

So here's a new version, with less information on the whole, and one minor edit:

Patriot Notes

Reality, Spirituality, and Politics in Washington, D.C.

I'VE BEEN ALTERNATING, lately, between a series on Reality, Spirituality, and Politics, and various other kinds of posts—and had intended to return to the series today.

But I ran into some interesting information which is actually closely related to that series, and happens also to be relevant to current developments in Washington D.C.

I'll begin with a graph, to give you a peek at where this is leading:


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