Ken Watts

How to Eliminate the Deficit

Some More Examples

I'VE BEEN WORKING MY WAY through the various cuts which have been suggested in order to deal with the deficit, but with a broader agenda.

It seems that it would be wise to make choices that not only eliminate the deficit, but also strengthen our country as well.

In line with that, I've suggested that we find cuts which will invest in the nation as a whole, decrease our over-investment in the military, and provide economic fuel to the levels of our economy where the work is actually done.

Below are the next ten areas in my list:

Patriot Notes

Compromising with Stonewallers

THE SENATE IS VOTING today on the President's compromise with Republicans.

(This post isn't an attack on Obama.)

The fact that this is happening is just a single example of a disturbing long-term trend.

(When you get to the end, you'll see.)

Obama complained, when progressives criticized his unilateral cave-in, that this was just health-care all over again.


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