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A Father & Daughter Talk

SOME TIME AGO I wrote a series of posts on a piece of "conservative" propaganda about an economics professor who failed an entire class.

I put the word "conservative" in quotes above, because I don't believe that the message in the email was actually representative of conservative values.

There's a game being played around the whole idea of "conservative" in this country.

Patriot Notes

A Parenthesis: Yes Rachel, There Is an Analogy

I'M GOING TO TAKE TIME out to disagree with two people I greatly admire.

Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart each took time on their respective programs to reprimand Democratic Representative Steve Cohen for a speech he gave on the House floor Tuesday night.

Both Maddow and Stewart are "reality-based" people.

Each of them, in their own way, fights a noble battle for reason, civility, and small-t truth in public discourse.

So I was at first surprised, and then intrigued, when they both exhibited a sort of knee-jerk response to Cohen's remarks.

Patriot Notes

Republicans, Reality, and Healthcare

SORRY FOR MY recent absence from the mull—I've had a virus, which has kept me from my usual schedule.

The topic that brings me back is the recent revelation about the Republican attempt to repeal the health care bill.

One of the ongoing themes at the daily mull has been the deep connection between spirituality, politics, and reality-contact.

This bill, or rather its title, serves as a perfect case study of the problems we face as a nation in that regard.

As you probably know by now, Republicans titled the bill the..

Patriot Notes

To Conservatives, on the Connection Between You and Jared Loughner

A WORD TO MY ultra-conservative friends:

Many people are having difficulty seeing the connection between your hyped-up rhetoric of recent years and the shooting last Saturday that killed six people and injured Gabrielle Giffords and 13 others.

There's good reason for that difficulty, and it speaks well of the American people—but there is a connection, just not the one we might expect.

The connection we expect, and rightfully reject, is causal.


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