Ken Watts

Two Very Scary Facts

The Problem of Power

YESTERDAY, I BEGAN BY pointing out two facts which, taken together, are quite frightening.

The first was that Scott Walker's campaign, in Wisconsin, was so heavily funded by the billionaire Koch brothers and other big money interests that the only surprise in his election was that he won by a mere 5 points.

I've since learned that he did not promise, as a part of his campaign, to strip state unions of their bargaining rights—so any argument that this is what the people voted for is nonsense.

He basically got elected under false pretenses.

Patriot Notes

Two Very Scary Facts

I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF composing a long and convoluted post about the interconnected theme running through the current events in

  • Wisconsin,
  • Egypt,
  • murderous attacks on doctors providing perfectly legal care for women,
  • the pretend "deficit crisis" in Washington,
  • the Citizen's United case,
  • etc., etc., etc...

...when I was brought up short by two facts—one that has been public knowledge forever, and a second which is not surprising, but which was new to me, at least.

Reality, Spirituality, and Politics

Three False Paths

SO—IS MORALITY a good thing?

In the previous posts I've pointed out that humans are innately moral beings: we can't get through a day without gauging whether a particular act, or our own or others, is good or bad—whether we should or shouldn't do this or that.

And, of course, it leads to the kinds of problems that proponents of the first two approaches—like Osama bin Laden or Sam Harris—would like to avoid.

Reality, Spirituality, and Politics

Looking for an Alternative Approach

RECENT POSTS IN THIS series have dealt with the question of morality, and its relation to the main problem we each face at our spiritual center—that part of us which struggles to discover how to go about being a human.

Those posts pointed out that each of us has been taught, in one way or another, that:

A Father & Daughter Talk

Talk Shows, Religion, and Health Care

THIS IS THE FINAL installment in an analysis of a "conservative" email that's been going around.

The email began with a pretend conversation between a "conservative" father and a "liberal" daughter, which twisted the meaning of those two words so completely that by the end it was hard to tell who was who.

It continued with a list of differences between "liberals" and "conservatives"—again completely distorting both points of view.

A Father & Daughter Talk

"Liberals" vs. "Conservatives"

LAST TIME, WE FINISHED working our way through the first half of a "conservative" propaganda email which outlined a conversation between a "conservative" father and a "liberal" daughter.

The daughter thought that people who worked hard for American prosperity ought to be allowed to hold on to some of it.

The father thought that freeloaders and scam artists ought to get to live incredibly well off of other people's hard work.

A Father & Daughter Talk

The Daughter's Friend

WE'VE BEEN WORKING through another email from propagandists who call themselves "conservatives".

I'm using quotes there, to differentiate the propagandists from the true conservatives.

It involves a discussion between a father and a daughter about "redistribution of wealth".

The daughter thinks that extremely wealthy Americans ought to be taxed at higher rates—the way they were during the Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan administrations.

The father, a "conservative", doesn't think this is a good idea.


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