Grist for the Mull

The Daily Quote

Each day I select a quote which relates in some way to the topic of the main post.

Sometimes I agree with the quote, sometimes not.

The connection can be serious or humorous. I may intend it literally or ironically. But as often as possible I aim for a resonance that illuminates both the post and the quote, pushing both to a deeper level.

Looking for this connection, and the insight or laugh it provides, is a game I hope you will enjoy.



This is primarily a place for posts that have little to do with the topics of the site: notes to readers about new features or publishing schedules, etc.

There may be a few posts that are still here because of early confusions. (I put some reader comments here, for example, before I decided to include them under the appropriate category.) I'm gradually moving those to the topic they belong with.

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