On Class Warfare

The Logic of Hierarchy

THERE ARE TWO WAYS to view a democracy.

In each of these cases the big apes win big, and the weaker apes lose big.

If you are a human being by conviction—that is, if you side with our traditional ancestors on questions of fairness and freedom and equality—you see a democratic government as simply the way that all of us, together, ensure a peaceful life, defend ourselves from outsiders, promote our general welfare, and preserve freedom for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.

On Class Warfare

The Old Game in New Clothing

THE APE-MASTERS HAD not disappeared, not even in the United States.

They could no longer wear their robes and crowns here, they could no longer hold court here, they could no longer abuse the populace by direct force, but they were still here.

They began to use other tactics.

They realized that money was power.

They invented the idea of Big Business—of large-C Capitalism.

If they could no longer own slaves, they would rent them.

On Class Warfare

The Human Resistance

SO FOR THE LAST FEW THOUSAND YEARS we served the ape-masters in various hierarchical, ape-like cultures: Jericho, Ur, Babylon, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Rome, and Medieval Europe, to name a few familiar to those of us in the west.

Each of these cultures used the same techniques to enforce an ape-like hierarchy on their citizens:


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