Letter to a Terrorist (Written on 9/11/2001)

I wrote this on the afternoon of 9/11, still in shock from the morning's events. It expressed my deepest fears about the consequences of those events: fears about the spiritual dangers that confronted the world and my country on that day.

It seems fitting to reprint it now.


Letter to a Terrorist

Warp and Woof

medium_006.JPGIf there are threads that connect us, we have to understand which of them have the strength to endure.  Otherwise, we will not be certain that the fabric of our lives can hold.  But how can we test these strings of connection?  So many are ephemoral. But those just might be the strongest if tested.

Wisps of conversation, whispers of encouragement, a flower full of scent yet the petals falling -- offerings of comfort, offerings of hope -- these matter.  These are real.

Patriot Notes

Two Proposals

I have a couple of proposals on this Labor Day, and some random thoughts to go along with them...

First, the proposals, then the the thoughts, and then some explanation of the proposals.

The proposals:

  1. We should raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and even more on the large corporations.
  2. We should spend some of the money generated by the proposal above to create a large tax cut for small businesses which hire employees.

The random thoughts:

The Dead: Book 22 (frag. 1)

The Dead: Book 22 (frag. 2)

"So it wasn't just the last few years, since the illness?" the tall one said.

Thomas frowned.

My childhood was, well, unusually painful. I won't go into detail except to say that I'm talking about both emotional and physical pain."

The shorter one nodded vigorously.

"If it is of any use to you, we can confirm your judgement on this point. It is one of the factors which make your case so unusual."


The Book of the Story

The Dead: Book 22 (frag. 1)

The first thing he noticed—even before wondering how it was that he could notice anything at all—was an astounding clarity of mind.

That came first: even before he became aware of the two doors, of the two figures standing beside those doors, of the room he stood in, or of the fact that he was standing.

As he took in the strange shapes—plural, because they were nothing alike—the strange shapes standing before him, he still found himself marveling at how clear his thoughts were.


The Hollywood Bowl Then and Now

We have seen many wonderful performances at the Hollywood Bowl, so it is hard to pick just one that is the best, or the first one that sticks in the top of my mind.  The first time we took our kids, ages 8 and 10, we sat in the very last row ($1.00 seats back then), and saw Victor Borge way down on the stage.  We didn't have binoculars, but because the sound was so good we didn't miss a thing.  Our son was transfixed, our daughter enraptured, and they both have been fans of both Borge and the Bowl, ever since.  That was back in the 1980's.


The True Nature of Make Believe

The phrase make believe has become especially intriguing to me now that I have three grandchildren.  The power of it is absolutely astonishing and compelling.  The grandchildren are ages 5, 4, and 2.  And they all can do this make believe stuff really well. 

What they do not seem to need is artifacts from somebody else's make believe, entrepreneurial and costly as it may be.  Disney -- step aside.  Barbie -- step aside.

A Note from the Creator

My Image

I see that Ken has the daily mull up and running again, with a few improvements. One of those improvements is a picture of the blogger, next to their post.

This presents a couple of problems where I'm concerned—and I'm going to need a little help from my readers.

The problems I spoke of are:

Hello Again

First, to all of you who emailed me during my long absence from these pages, thank you for your concern.

I am finally finding my way back to normal life, and will be posting more frequently as time goes on.

I've just completed a much needed, and major, overhaul of the mechanics of the site.

If you are registered (it's free!) at the mull, you'll find that posting comments is much easier and formatting them is more flexible. You'll also notice that the search option works much better now, with some help from Google.


Sorting Through

I have been hauling and storing boxes, bags, and trunks of other people's things for the last four years.  The collection started long before, actually, but in the last few years there have been so many important family changes that the stuff in my life has exploded out of any reasonable proportion.   I have made several attempts to manage this unwieldy and oppressive baggage.  Sometimes I actually do take old clothes, old dishes, old toasters to the folks at the Good Will because they will take almost anything. Sunbonnet Girl


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