Notes from the Rim

The Chasm

I've been having a discussion on email lately with a friend. I have the highest regard for him, and I hope he feels the same about me. We get along well in person; partly, I think, because we never talk about politics or religion.

On e-mail, however, we can't seem to agree on anything, even on what we don't agree about, or why we don't agree.

It's as though we lived in two different worlds, and in a way I suppose we do. Our world is as much a function of our worldview as it is of our experience, and my friend’s worldview and mine are separated by an enormous chasm.



This is primarily a place for posts that have little to do with the topics of the site: notes to readers about new features or publishing schedules, etc.

There may be a few posts that are still here because of early confusions. (I put some reader comments here, for example, before I decided to include them under the appropriate category.) I'm gradually moving those to the topic they belong with.


The Book of the Story

THE BOOK, OR THE BOOK OF THE STORY1, was composed sometime during the early twenty-first century, in the midst of the neo-post-modern reactionary ferment which preceded the period of The Second Enlightenment. The alert reader can see, with little difficulty, the seeds of that Enlightenment in these pages.


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