Journey 1991


There is a particular longing, ever-present, and unnamed 

permeating into areas ordinarily inaccessible if circumscribed by specifics.

How, then, can it be a particular longing?

But it is something -- something unclaimed, wandering loose, or sitting forlornly, like lost luggage.

A sensitivity stripped bare? A need for astonishing uninhibited connection?

The thought of living shrouded is a continuous, dim discord. 

Wings may be called for.

There are eyes, legs, hands, lips, breasts, a heart

too long constricted.

That longing itself made small, unimportant, by necessity.

Can I stop cheating myself, my soul, and celebrate the ecstasy of living? 

Can this random yearning show me the way?


Thanks for the great blog.  

According to NYT article about research at Duke on WRITING and REWRITING your life story as a help in student grades, marriage, memory the results are quite dramatic.   The URL is long one but may work pasted in this comment. If not, try NYTimes and search for "writing your way to happiness"   



Would like to hear feedback if you agree that WRITING can help one deal with "the things unsaid" in a positive way...or must they always remain unsaid?  

Thanks for the question, and the link to the article. I do think that writing helps everything. But when it comes to "rewriting" your own history, I believe it is essential to hang on to what you know is true for you before you begin to figure out how to reset the trajectory your history has set. This quote from the article: "With prompting, she eventually wrote a new story, based on the same facts but with a more honest assessment..." is the key. Honesty matters in self-awareness, perhaps more than anything else. Be honest about what you really know, and what you really want, and write, write, write -- remembering there is a difference between fiction and non-fiction.