Irena Sendler and Al Gore: the Propaganda Machine Is at it Again

Patriot Notes

IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE my last post about a propaganda email, but the one I received today deserves some comment.

It's both subtle and unbelievably nasty.

It begins with a very sweet picture of an old woman smiling, and reads, in part:

Look at this lady - Let us never forget!

The world hasn't just become's always been wicked. The prize doesn't always go to the most deserving.

Irena Sendler
There recently was a death of a 98 year-old lady named Irena.
During WWII, Irena, got permission to work in the Warsaw ghetto, as a Plumbing/Sewer specialist.
She had an 'ulterior motive'.
She KNEW what the Nazi's plans were for the Jews (being German).
Irena smuggled infants out in the bottom of the tool box she carried and she carried in the back of her truck a burlap sack, (for larger kids).
She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when the Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto.
The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises.
During her time of doing this, she managed to smuggle out and save 2500 kids/infants.
She was caught, and the Nazi's broke both her legs, arms and beat her severely.
Irena kept a record of the names of all the kids she smuggled out and kept them in a glass jar, buried under a tree in her back yard.
After the war, she tried to locate any parents that may have survived it and reunited the family.
Most had been gassed. Those kids she helped got placed into foster family homes or adopted.
Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize.
She was not selected.
Al Gore won --- for a slide show on Global Warming.

The second half of the email—almost as long as the part above—declares that it is a "memorial chain" designed to help make sure that the world never forgets the Holocaust.

It goes into some detail about the horrors of the Holocaust, and urges the readers to do their part by continuing the memorial chain.

So what's wrong with that?

The answer, of course, is that there is nothing at all wrong with a chain letter designed to remind people of the Holocaust—and certainly nothing wrong with a chain letter designed to spread the story of this brave woman.

There is, however, something terribly wrong with using both our emotions about the Holocaust and our admiration of Irena's courage and love to make two cheap political shots look high minded and moral.

If you look at the structure of the email, you'll notice that it is, quite intentionally, not what it seems:

  1. Opening thesis statement: The world hasn't just become's always been wicked. The prize doesn't always go to the most deserving.

    This tells the reader, up front, what the email is really about.
  2. Irena's story.

    This is told as background information to the claim in the thesis.
  3. The punch-line: Last year Irena was up for the Nobel Peace Prize. She was not selected. Al Gore won --- for a slide show on Global Warming.

    As is common with these propaganda pieces, the punch-line leaves the actual conclusion implied. If the reader has to make the connection for his or herself, he or she is more likely to believe it.

    The conclusion we're supposed to draw has several parts:
    1. Al Gore didn't deserve the peace prize.
    2. Irena did deserve the peace prize.
    3. Al Gore got the peace prize for reasons that are "wicked" in some sense.
    4. The Nobel Committee is somehow implicated in all of this.
    5. The Nobel Committee and Al Gore are thus on the side of "wickedness", along with the Nazi's, and Irena and the reader on on the side of goodness, along with the author of the email.
    6. Which brings us full circle to explain the opening thesis.
  4. After the punch-line, and after those subtle conclusions have been thoroughly implied, a long bit about the holocaust is added.

    This is designed to do three things:
    1. Distract the readers from the message that has just been planted, before they have time to question it,
    2. Solidify the connection between the readers and the author—what kind of person isn't going to agree that the Holocaust was horrible?
    3. Motivate the readers to send this viral message on to its next victims.

      In the process, the email suddenly transforms itself from a story about how "The prize doesn't always go to the most deserving" and a cheap shot at Al Gore, to a high-minded "memorial chain" about the holocaust.

It's a very subtle, and very sleazy, little piece of brainwashing.

The readers are left with the vague impression that there are two sides to the world—good people, like themselves, who pass on "memorial chains" and care about people like Irena, and "wicked" people, like the Nazi's and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and Al Gore.

Most readers won't even know that a criteria for the Peace Prize is being involved in significant activities during the past two years, and that therefore she didn't even qualify by the basic rules, at the time.

Most readers will believe the email's silly allegation that Gore won the prize for his slide show.

After all, that's what he's most famous for.

They won't bother to find out that it was for all of his "efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change."

Was the slide show, and the book, part of that? Sure. And that's bad because...?

But the worst thing about this email is the disrespectful attitude the author takes toward Irena's heroism and the victims of the Holocaust.

If the author wants to take a cheap shot at Al Gore, or the Nobel Committee, that's fine.

But it's not fine to use this woman's courage, or the sorrows of holocaust survivors, as a screen for cheap propaganda tricks.

People have real emotions about these things, and it's not appropriate to use those emotions to manipulate them for slick political ends.

Irena is proof enough that the world is not uniformly wicked.

This email is proof enough that some people are.

At least, that's what I think today.


Neither Obama or gore did anything to deserve that prize. Ire a risked her life to save the children.  The "win" by the left wing negates the honor

 While Irene was an example of the perfect human,  she  did  not  qualify for this award.  She  deserved  to be recognized another way.  Left or right,  all  of you need to learn to research a LOT  more before you start typing and spewing sewage.  It took me all  of two minutes  to find the right information.  This is after all  the  true point to this discussion. . Pasted  directly from the  Nobel  Peace  Prize  website. "The whole of my remaining realizable estate shall be dealt with in the following way: the capital, invested in safe securities by my executors, shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind. The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery or invention within the field of physics; one part to the person who shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement; one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine; one part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work in an ideal direction; and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. 

Global Warming has been proven over and over again to be a complete fallacy. But don't let the facts get in your way, keep on preaching, brother!

I just got this email today 12/22/2013 and fire this reply back to the 30 plus people. But I happen to run across this blog  Thanks!! and in my rally I forwarded your link as well. Also i saw the coment by 7101 who apparently did NOT see the movie or read to book or check his or hers  facts.  oh well. but here is what I fired back:

Most of this email is true. Irena is  a real hero.What is questionable is THE TRUE MOTIVE BEHIND THIS EMAIL.The nomination for The Nobel Prize is supposedly sealed in secrecy for 50 years but.. leaks are possible and getting beat out by, well, I am quoting the NEGATIVE barb "Al Gore's slide show";  hummm? what this really about?   WHAT IS THE REAL is subliminal propaganda behind this email? Filmmakers such as Al Gore and Michael Moore (Films such as "Dude, Where is My Country") have been more than just a thorn in side of anti environmentalist, and corporatist, their films show what is happening to us for the profit of the powerful few;  hence the huge backlash and smear campaign against them and now this cleverly disguised negative NLP (NeuroLingustic Programing) propaganda spin chain email.That Right, this nice sweet email about a Polish hero was designed to neuro  lingusticly program and manipulate you.The award winning Documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"  (Al Gores' "slide show") shows what HAS ALREADY HAPPENED, as well as WHAT IS HAPPENING to our HOME -EARTH! And It shows THE RATE IT IS HAPPENING! and WHAT are the CAUSES. Kind of like what Irena saw the Nazi's were doing to Poland the Jews, genocide and the cause: (fear, Good people ignoring a problem or a threat and doing nothing= evil prevails)Apparently none of you saw it or bothered to truly research the data  or the simple "side show images" it presents such as: snow capped Mountains Glaciers thousands of feet deep that have been there for millions of years, Mt Fuji Japan, Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa, parts The Himalayas, parts of The American Rockies,  MOST of THOSE GLACIERS ARE GONE !! and other glaciers further North and south of the equator can be seen by the naked eye (as well as scientific research) to be vanishing as well IT HAPPENED IN LESS THAT 40 YEARS AND IT IS HAPPENING AT AN ACCELERATING RATE as most of this happen in the last 15 years. Yeah I know minor stuff: So, Mt Fuji and Mt Kilimanjaro no-longer have those big picturesque snowy caps year round, okay they don't  even have much snow in the winter we can still look at the pictures  from 30 year ago  to see the pretty snow caps (or see Al Gore's silly slideshow). Oh yeah, here is a flash for Washingtonians; the melting snow cap are now visible on Mt Rainer. WHO cares? SO what? (Do you think Irena said this about the Nazi's)Who's next? (did Irena think about it when the Nazi's were rounding up the Jews for a nice working vacation?)How soon?  We are not response-able!Probably going to take hundreds of years right?WRONG! WRONG! and WRONG againLet the future figure it out, (screw our children, and theirs too, let them figure it out, every generation has work to do I want my MTV) it will have the technology so it will be easy and won't affect me. WRONG AGAIN the FUTURE IS NOW!The ostrich is often sited as a stupid, cowardly and flightless large bird that "sticks it's head in the sand" as to not see danger. While it is true that the lowly ostrich cannot fly, will protect itself in certain storm conditions by burring itself, and it is true that it has a brain size than is between the size if a marble and a ping-pong ball. It is however a very capable aggressive fighter when there is no where to run (It is a very fast and agile runner) when that protective response is needed. The dumb ostrich will lead predators away from the nest and fight to the death to protect the young, it will deal with a storm the best it can as well.  The " stick you head in the sand" is what human used to describe stupid, ignorant, cowardly and greedy HUMAN BEHAVIOR and ATTITUDES to not look at a problem or danger and not deal with it. At least the dumb ostrich will protect its young and future generations!Will you? Irena did. 


I wish to honor Irena Sendlerowa  and take nothing away from the facts: that she saw what was happening (Jews, concentration camps, genocide and fear), when most were afraid to even look at what was happening, let alone talk about what was happening, or do something about itSHE DID DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE CIRCUMSTANCES>So I am going to call this chain Email out for what it really is:  a blaspheme to the memory  of Irena Sendlerowa; a humanitarian and courageous hero. THIS is Clever  NEGATIVE anti environment and AL Gore, subliminal Neuro Linguistic programing SPIN. Its own kind of NAZI propaganda designed to program you, to keep you ignorant and inactive and that is what Irena Sendler would fight.   please  take  2 minutes  and read the following link and  ask yourself knowing this: What would Irena Sendler do?

 Lets wake up people  can't just mindlessly ignore it.

1. There is no "Nazi" - they were German Soldiers while the primary political power in Germany was National Socialist Labour Party of Germany. Nazi is just an attempt to hide real perpetrators being German and Socialists at the same time.

2. Irena Sendler was Polish not German.

"Nazi" is merely a commonly used phonetic abreviation of the designation of the party in German--not an attempt to hide anything, since it means exactly the same thing. 

You are correct that the party program contained socialist elements, along with anti-communist elements, racist elements, authoritarian elements, anti-democratic elments and others.

You are also correct that Irena Sendler was Polish, not German.

Best regards,


While the viral email is a bit misleading, it isn't as off-base as Mr. Watts would like to portray.


This is, after all a contrast - Mr. "Manmade Global Warming" Gore, who has been proven a fraud - who's "documentary" was filled with falsified information, faked and staged scenes, and was creatively edited.  

Al Gore was no more worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize then, than President Obama was worthy of the one he was awarded just a couple of years later.  

Indeed, it would seem that the Nobel Committee is, indeed, "wicked" - they are giving awards to those who act abtibtniysly to the original Nobel purposes.  Warm-mongering, terrorist supporters getting the Prize.  Fraudsters getting the Prize...  While those who have indeed contributed to this world in an unfathomable way are overlooked.

I will have to take your word for the requirement that the activities being awarded must have been within the previous 2 years to be considered for this award.  

Before 1974, Nobel Prizes were awarded posthumously, but they changed those rules for some unknown reason, so that would have disqualified Irena Sendler.

I read your blog after reading the article on FB. I was curious as to why Irena wasn't nominated. I do like your post explaining such and such and have read pages 1 to 5 of the comments section. I just wanted to ask why you didn't reply to a comment submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 02/13/2013 at 2:36PM. It was pretty hard to read (for me, at least), but he does present some points that had me thinking as well. Can you reply to it? I'm curious as to how you'd reply. You don't have to, of course, haha.

Thanks for your interest (and courtesy).

I don't, of course, feel obligated to reply to every comment.

I didn't reply to that one, as far as I can remember or reconstruct from going back and looking at it, because there was nothing in it that I felt needed, or deserved, a response.

Honestly, I suspect that if any of it got you thinking, the credit for that goes to the quality of your own mind, rather than to the quality of that comment.



Climate change is just so much hot air. In the 70s it was another 'ice age'. We dont' know what the weather is going to do. Look at South Texas it is supposed to snow tonight (Thursday night) and be 70 on Saturday. sheeze